Stainless Fittings Group

Stainless Fittings Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality stainless steel pipe fittings, plate flanges and custom fabrications for the food & dairy, beverage, chemical, and semiconductor industries.


From inception, Stainless Fittings Group has set a standard for providing unique capabilities and innovative processes. Today, this same standard of excellence can be found in every steel pipe fitting and related product we manufacture.

From Stubends To New Beginnings:

A combination of the “right” experience, “just-the-right” size, and total flexibility has enabled Stainless Fittings Group to grow with the industry while quickly adapting to changes in different markets. We have remained current with new industry requirements and regulations. Through quality processes and spirited innovation, we continue to expand in new directions to better serve our customers and thoroughly satisfy their needs.

Stainless Fittings Group is now one of the World’s leading producers of stub end products. We also manufacture and supply a complete line of domestic stainless steel buttweld welded and seamless fittings. We offer customers the flexibility of having these fittings and stub ends manufactured in a variety of alloys, wall thicknesses, and sizes. Stainless Fittings Group, also manufactures stainless steel plate flanges, and a complete line of stainless steel concentric reducers.

Stainless Fittings Group Proudly Services These Vital World Markets:

Our Product Lines

Food Processing
Grain Processing, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper and Wastewater

The difference: Pipe fittings produced by Stainless Fittings Group, represent the finest in manufacturing capabilities, processes and committed associates. The combined experience of our principals and our associates provides a wealth of expertise in every area, from fabrication, re-engineering, manufacturing, and quality control, to our business processes, marketing, sales and distribution. We understand customer and industry needs from every perspective.

All fittings in 304L & 316L
Angle Face Rings
12" thru 1/2"

Stainless steel plate flanges
48" thru 1/2"
Any thickness

Conc reducers
12 x 10 and down
Sch. 160,80,40,10,&5

Ecc. Reducers
10 x8 and down
Sch. 10 only

90's & 45's
8" thru 1"
Sch. 10 only

Stubends type A,B,&C
MSS & ASA lengths
48" thru 1/2"

Sch. 160,80,40,10,&5

Also we make Aluminum flanges & stubends in MSS & ASA
And we offer alloy stubends in A20,200,400,600,& 800