Stainless Fittings Group

Stainless Fittings Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality stainless steel pipe fittings, plate flanges and custom fabrications for the food & dairy, beverage, chemical, and semiconductor industries.


In order to assure the highest quality product and customer service, the associates of Stainless Fittings Group assure the following responsibilities as a condition of employment, and criterion for performance evaluation: to make the appropriate inspections, initiate controls and procedures, accumulate data, and maintain records throughout each phase of manufacturing and delivery, and to stop work should any form of "non-conformance" be detected.

The Key Distinction: Customer-Driven Processes.

While many manufacturers provide services according to their current capabilities, at Stainless Fittings Group, we believe differently. It is the customer’s needs that must drive our processes-never this process in reverse. We maintain the multiple manufacturing capabilities that allow us to handle every size order, every requirement, every delivery demand. Customers benefit from greatly increased responsiveness and turnaround, especially for small orders, and our ability to quickly replenish inventor as the need arises.

Quality, As Only Stainless Fittings Group, Can Provide.

Stainless Fittings Group, provides customers with the opportunity to realize manufacturing processes that are unavailable through any other manufacturer—and as a result—fittings that are unsurpassed in quality and dependability.

For “difficult parts,” such as stubends that typically require welding and fabrication, our unique forming process provides for one-piece construction. Customers realize the many benefits of one-piece performance and reliability. In addition, the SFGs’ process for forming elbows assures a consistent diameter throughout the bend, as well as the consistency of other dimensional tolerances, especially wall thickness.

To further assure quality, the raw materials we use are sourced from the highest-quality producers, both domestically and internationally. All incoming raw materials are subjected to P.M.I. testing. In-process evaluation utilizes not only standard mechanical devices, but also special alloy analyzers for chemical element verification. We employ ultrasonic equipment for thickness testing, and profilometers for testing and assuring the smoothness of all gasket surfaces.

Prior to shipping, we hand-mark each and every product to assure complete traceability of all products. Every order is then individually packed and protected for shipping.